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Welcome to EthPiranha aquatory!

You can collect & breed crypto piranhas.
They are alive and can moving!

All piranhas have follow characteristics:
Name, Size, GENeration, Rare color

"Piranha NAME"
gen [ 1 ]
size [ 140 ]

"Piranha NAME"
gen [ 2 ]
size [ 190 ]

"Piranha NAME"
gen [ 3 ]
size [ 240 ]


You can change piranha Name for 0.001 ETH.
It will saved in blockchain.


All piranhas have a size. From min [40] to max [240].
Two piranhas with size > 150 can give birth to the new piranha!
After born them sizes will divided by 2. New born will have size equal half of the middle between parents.

Size will increased by 1 each 5 minutes

If you send your piranha to food aquatory and bite another piranha for 0.001 ETH, you will get +10 to size.
If someone will bite you, your size will decreased by 10!
You can't bite small piranhas with size [40], wait while it will grow (each 5 minutes +1 size...)
After reached max size [240], you piranha will stop lunch and will go out from food aquatory.


After breeding your piranhas have ~10% chance to born the next generation of piranhas. And this chance will decreased with each next generation (1/10 to get gen 2, 1/11 to get gen 3, 1/12 to get gen 4, etc.)
It mean, that each next generation will more rare and more expensive!
Chance to get rare color piranha = 5%
Breeding cost = 0.001 ETH


Sales tax = 3%

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